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[00:00:00] Sherman Hu: Welcome to today’s podcast, powered by ALTUS Chiro and Physio. I have the wonderful An and Trang here with us. Welcome ladies. How is your afternoon?

[00:00:11] An Luu: Great.

[00:00:13] Dr. Trang Luu Grover: Great. Yeah.

[00:00:15] Sherman Hu: Nice. Nice. We can talk about food all day because these folks are foodies.

[00:00:22] No kidding. No kidding.

Do you direct bill for extended health?

[00:00:24] Sherman Hu: Let me kick off with a handful of questions that clients or patients tend to ask commonly. And the first is, do you bill for extended health?

[00:00:34] An Luu: The answer is, yes, we do have the option to bill to major insurance companies, such as Blue Cross, Green Shield, Sun Life… and that’s really just to name a few. You can always let us know the insurance company that you’re with at the time of booking. And we can let you know if that’s a company that we can directly bill or you can check out our website. And that will have a current list of companies that we [00:01:00] direct bill.

[00:01:00] When we direct bill companies, it may cover a portion or all of the costs depending on your coverage. So for example, if your insurance covers 80% of the fee, then you would be responsible for the remaining 20%.

[00:01:17] We unfortunately don’t have access to your coverage. However, you can call your insurance company and ask for details of your plan before the appointment. Hopefully it’s an insurance company that we can bill.

[00:01:28] Sherman Hu: A client can look on your website or call and speak to the front desk team and to just double-check about coverage or, if the insurance company they’re with is a accommodated for.

[00:01:40] Dr. Trang Luu Grover: Yeah, we would be able to check that for the patient as to how much coverage they get and then whatever’s remaining for their coverage. Then the patient would be responsible for that.

Do you bill or treat WCB or ICBC related cases?

[00:01:50] Sherman Hu: Now that we’re speaking about billing, do you bill or treat WCB or ICBC related cases?

[00:01:58] Dr. Trang Luu Grover: The answer is yes, we [00:02:00] do.

[00:02:00] For ICBC claims, chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, we do direct bill.

[00:02:07] For WCB, the only service that we provide is chiropractic, not for physiotherapy or massage therapy at the moment.

[00:02:16] So we ask that the individual provide us with a claim number first, when they call in or when they come in to book. As well as to provide the date of the accident so that we can direct bill for them before they come in for their appointment.

[00:02:30] Sherman Hu: Chiro for WCB; and Chiro, Physio and Massage Therapy for ICBC related cases.

What is the recommended attire when visiting your clinic?

[00:02:38] Sherman Hu: Awesome. So when one comes to your clinic, what is the attire? What is appropriate dress or wear for the appointment?

[00:02:47] An Luu: That’s a great question. We do recommend that you wear something comfortable that you can easily move around in. Your therapist may need to expose the area for assessment and treatment. So clothing that will [00:03:00] allow access to that area would be ideal.

[00:03:02] For example, if you’re coming in for knee pain, perhaps shorts or loose pants would be best. But if necessary, we do have gowns available for you, if you need.

[00:03:11] Sherman Hu: That sounds like it’s common sense. That’s great. That’s good to know.

Do you offer Massage Therapy services?

[00:03:14] Sherman Hu: Now you mentioned earlier about massage therapy, so it makes common sense that you offer massage therapy service. I know it’s fairly new to the clinic but you offer RMT and Body Worker services?

[00:03:27] Dr. Trang Luu Grover: That’s right. The name ALTUS Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, that is our clinic name. And so we had people unsure if we provide massage therapy service in the office.

[00:03:39] Yes, we do. We offer all three of those services: Physio, Chiro, and Massage Therapy.

[00:03:44] In the past year, we’ve added Massage Therapy to our team. It’s been working out really well.

[00:03:49] We’re really hoping to provide that service to the community and give people more options and care when they come in, more options to get better.

[00:03:59] Sherman Hu: It [00:04:00] would just be too long of a brand to add Massage Therapy to the end.

[00:04:14] An Luu: Yeah, just therapy services,

[00:04:17] Sherman Hu: Give me 30 seconds, as I mention…

Where are you located in Abbotsford?

[00:04:26] Sherman Hu: Most people know that you’re in Abbotsford, but where exactly is your clinic located in Abbotsford?

[00:04:31] An Luu: We are in the central part of Abbotsford. So our address is Unit 101 – 32920 Ventura Avenue. The street is parallel to South Fraser Way. So it is across the Seven Oaks mall.

[00:04:45] How we often describe it to new patients is that the exterior does look like a house, and as opposed to a large commercial building. So you will find it a little bit easier if you’re looking for a little house. It’s in part of central Abbotsford. [00:05:00]

[00:05:00] Sherman Hu: That’s awesome. It’s a little house in the Prairie…

[00:05:03] Dr. Trang Luu Grover: …so special, it stands out amidst the large commercial buildings, condos everywhere.

[00:05:14] Sherman Hu: It’s such a great space. You walk in, you feel so cozy and at home and it’s such a wonderful space.

[00:05:20] Dr. Trang Luu Grover: Large open space in the waiting area. And that’s one of the things we hear from clients who come in. They compliment the waiting area. Feels very nice and warm when they come in.

[00:05:33] Sherman Hu: And you have a fish tank in there. With Nemo in the fish tank. You can find Nemo in there and Nimo keeps on swimming, it’s amazing; and Dory keeps on swimming.

Why should one consider visiting ALTUS Chiropractic and Physiotherapy?

[00:05:52] Sherman Hu: As we wrap up today’s episode, do you have any final words from each of you that you want to share? Any new clients-to-be considering ALTUS, [00:06:00] what would you say to them?

[00:06:01] Dr. Trang Luu Grover: We can confidently say that patients when they come in, we give a very nice warm, welcoming impression. So when people come in it feels like a family here, it doesn’t feel like going in for a medical appointment.

[00:06:14] So we’re very friendly. That’s one of the things we pride ourself in is being friendly, welcoming, and it’s a small town here. All our staff are super friendly and we’re here to help you. And so don’t feel like just cause I call myself Dr. Luu in the office, I can be a friend as well.

[00:06:31] An Luu: I do find that we are very much based on teamwork and we try to collaborate as much as we can at the end of the day our goal really is to get our patients better and to aid their recovery. And so by collaborating together, I do feel like that is something that we do quite a bit at the office. And we encourage that teamwork, [00:07:00] communication, and those are the things that we definitely incorporate into our practice a lot.

[00:07:06] Sherman Hu: That’s great. I’ve been to the clinic and I’ve seen the interactions between clinicians or practitioners and even front desk team to clients that come in. It’s the real deal. And all this talk can sometimes look like, oh, “we’re awesome.” But ALTUS has been nominated for the Business Excellence Awards and have won first place for Community Votes in Abbotsford.

[00:07:27] It lends itself to being an amazing clinic and amazing practitioners that “walk the talk.” And so I’m grateful to be connected to both of you.

[00:07:38] And I’m thankful for today’s episode. It’s been great. It’s a great inaugural kickoff episode and stay tuned folks for next week’s episode as we interview Dr. Jose Otano on Shockwave Therapy. Thanks for joining us. Until next week.

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