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Mill Lake

Mill Lake, surrounded by the Trans-Canada Highway, is part of the city of Abbotsford. Mill Lake Park is home to paths, an overwater boardwalk, and the Abbotsford Arts Council art gallery, as well as the Centennial Outdoor Swimming Pool and Trethewey House Heritage Site. Regular events are held at the Abbotsford Arts Centre, and the popular Abbotsford International Airshow takes place in August.

Mill Lake is a tiny lake in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, between the Trans-Canada Highway and the South Fraser Way. It is the focal point of Mill Lake Park.


Mill Lake was called after an early settler farmer, Bais Lake, before being renamed Abbotsford Lake owing to its location. Because of its importance in local forestry, it was called Mill Lake.

Charles Hill-Tout, an Abbotsford citizen, constructed a sawmill on the shores of Mill Lake around the turn of the twentieth century, and it delivered over 50,000 railway ties to the Canadian Pacific Railway. Brothers Joe, Richard Arthur, Sam, and Bill Trethewey bought the mill in 1903 and established the Abbotsford Timber and Trading Company in 1912. This enterprise quickly became one of British Columbia’s largest employers, generating 20 million feet of timber boards each year. The lake was used to sift logs that came by rail, after which they were processed and shipped to mostly American markets. The mill remained in operation until 1934 when the Great Depression and the loss of local forests prompted the brothers to shut it down. The Abbotsford Lions Club bought the property, decommissioned the mill machinery, and began the process of converting Mill Lake into a park, bringing in sand and grass areas for tourists.


Mill Lake is located in central Abbotsford and is bounded on the south by Bevan Avenue, the east by Ware Street, the north by Mill Lake Road and Bourquin Crescent, and the west by Emerson Street and Gladwin Road.

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