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Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake is a lake in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada. It is also a community and provincial park. The Sweltzer River originates here. In addition to fishing and water sports like water skiing and wakeboarding, the lake itself is warm, and the surrounding area has become a popular recreation destination. Located around 80 kilometers east of Vancouver, Cultus Lake lies 11 kilometers south of the Chilliwack River. Cultus Lake was designated as a British Columbia provincial park in 1950. The area around Cultus Lake is 656 hectares, divided equally between the two sides of the lake. Before it became a provincial park in the 1950s, the lake was home to a sawmill and a thriving industry.

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What Visitors Are Saying

“A truly beautiful place!”
“Love and visit this place at least once every summer!”
“Awesome place for family picnic..”

Area: 6.3 km²
Length: 12 km
Surface elevation: 47 m
Shore length: 14 km
Province: British Columbia
Outflow location: Sweltzer River

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